PPC - Pay Per Click

PPC enables you to pay to get listed in the top spots on Google. You only pay if your ads get clicked on - if nobody clicks... you don't pay.

Note that onsite SEO is essential before starting a PPC campaign - it enables us to find the correct keywords and also reduces the cost per click. It also gives you the best start to getting a high search rank naturally.

PPC Ads: £90+10%
  • Choose your budget
  • Targeted, cost effective marketing
  • Strategic keyword selection
  • Correct setup prevents wasted budget
  • Monitoring and adjustments
PPC Results:
When is PPC Useful?

Competitive Fields: Websites that have high competition can struggle to get good listings through SEO.

High Value Customers: When a new customer is worth more than £200 a PPC campaign should prove cost effective.

New Websites: Google's algorithm benefits established websites - new sites often struggle at first. PPC can get traffic to your website right from the start.

Why use Big Toe?

When implemented correctly, PPC is the most targeted and cost effective form of advertising. When implemented badly, PPC can be like throwing money down the drain. We use our knowledge and experience to make sure your adverts are extremely targetted:

Keywords - we use results from our Onsite SEO Research to ensure that your ads are based on the correct keywords.

Ad Position - we make sure that the ads only show in the top three positions. This keeps the 'click-through-rate' high which reduces the 'cost per click' and saves you money.

Relevance - we ensure that your listing is clear and worded specifically to your services. Therefore it attracts real customers as opposed to visitors that don't convert to sales.

Remove Keywords With Good Natural Results - if your website ranks well naturally for certain keywords we make sure that these terms are not included in your adverts. Why pay for the click when you could get it free!

The Process

Stage 1 - onsite SEO. This is essential before starting a PPC campaign - it enables us to find the correct keywords and also reduces the cost per click because Google bases the cost per click on the quality of the landing page.

Stage 2 - decide on a budget. The size of your budget will determine how many times a day your advert is shown. Once you reach your budget for the day your advert will no longer be shown. A minimum of £50 per month is recommended and £200 per month will be effective for many small businesses.

Stage 3 - setup campaign. We setup the advertising campaign and design the listing that appears in Google Search Results.

Stage 4 - monitor. You are free to pause, restart or completely stop your campaign at any time.