Academic Web Resources

We have a track record of designing and developing innovative, user-friendly websites which display the results of academic work.

Our unique skillset combines web design & development with research experience and an in-depth understanding of knowledge exchange.

Communicating Complexity

The outputs of academic research are often complex. The complexity can prevent the valuable findings of research from reaching a wide audience and being used in practice.

We can communicate complex concepts in an understandable way and make outputs available in easily accessible websites. This increases the reach of research and adds value to it.

Managing Outputs

Sometimes, academic projects have a large number of outputs or results. Organising these so that they are easily accessible is a challenge that naturally lends itself to a database application. Easy access to a vast array of outputs can be acheived by organising results into groups and making them searchable or filterable by keyword.

The use of a content management system can enable non-technical users to add, edit and delete outputs. Because our content management systems are tailor-made for each project there is very little room for managers to make mistakes. Easy management helps future-proof the web resource and can ensure the relevance of a project for many years.

Iterative Development

We have found that some academic websites can benefit from different versions of a website being produced as a project progresses. The website is used as a resource during the project, as well as to display final outputs from the project.

Recent work:

A gateway to all of the research and information currently available about wild deer in Scotland.

Budget £6600 including 5 years hosting.

An online resource kit for playing a participatory learning board game. Shortlisted for Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) 2016 Sir Peter Hall Award for Excellence in Research.

Budget: £8000 including 5 years hosting.

A user-friendly, interactive web portal that houses the results of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment Follow-on. Shortlisted in Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) 2014 Planning Excellence Awards.

Budget: £6000.

Academic Proposals

Increasingly, academic projects require a web resource for knowledge exchange purposes. We can work with you as you shape your proposal, providing information regarding our role in producing the web resource.

We have found that proposals for projects that require a web output are more successful when we are involved at the initial stage.

We Speak Your Language

For more information, to discuss your project or for a copy of our CVs please contact us.

Hosting Solutions

We have a flexible approach to hosting academic websites. We are able to host the website ourselves or work with IT departments where that is preferable.

If working with your servers we need cPanel & FTP access and up to date versions of PHP and MySQL should be installed.

If hosting on our servers we are happy to avoid annual costs after the project has finished by adding the costs for future years’ hosting and domain registration to the costs of the project. Costs can be included for 5 or 10 years in the future.

For more information visit out website hosting page.