Content Management Systems

All our content management systems (CMSs) are developed specifically for the client - we write code. Our CMSs are completely tailored to your needs so that you can easily and quickly add, edit and delete the content that you need. Users are given access to exactly what they need and no more, eliminating the chances of accidently making a mess.

CMSs from: £600
  • add, edit and delete content
  • text, images, video
  • documents and pdfs
  • slideshows and modals
  • multiple user types
  • user friendly
  • secure
  • developed for you
No Shortcuts

We don't take shortcuts by using off-the-shelf CMSs such as Wordpress or Joomla which slow websites down, come with major security issues, are very complicated to use, are inflexible in design and application but allow too much freedom for users to make mistakes.

Recent Development Work

We only carry out development work for websites that we produce. Some recent examples of our work are:

Deer Scotland is a gateway to all of the research and information currently available about wild deer in Scotland. The application includes a database specifically designed for this project with cross-referencing of outputs to allow filtering by location/interest/keyword, a managers section to allow easy editing of the database and website and an admin section which allows full control over managers.

Client: Scottish Natural Heritage and Scottish Government

Full budget for similar: £6500

PARTICIPOLOGY is an online resource kit for playing a participatory learning board game. The application includes a bespoke content management and database system where administrators can manage boards (images), questions and cards (text) and case studies (text, video, PDF reports and images).

Client: Birmingham City University (project funded by Economic and Social Research Council)

Full budget for similar: £8000

Sing In The City is a fast-growing group of choirs with over 500 members. The members' section of the website allows registered members to view and download PDF documents of lyrics, mp3 files of songs and jpeg & png images. Administrators can view and manage users, files and website content.

Client: Sing In The City

Full budget for similar: £5000

RGK Detailing is a small business website which includes a bespoke content management system. The application allows managers to login and manage images, slideshows, video and text in a very user-friendly way.

Client: RGK Detailing

Full budget for similar: £3200