Off The Shelf Websites

Our 'off the shelf' websites were invented with value in mind. We have designed two templates that look great and are very versatile. We use one of these as a starting point for every 'off the shelf' websites.

Another advantage of our 'off the shelf' websites is that they can be up and running very quickly - if you need a website as fast as possible then these are the way to go.


Clean & Light - £199

This style is designed to be clean, clear and modern. It works well with good pictures as they stand out against the light background. See these live websites that use the 'clean and light' style:

Clan Chief Tours

Rigatoni's Italian Restaurant



GW Conservatories

Coloured and Open - £249 NEW!

This style is designed to be open, modern and colourful. Pictures are not as critical because the various backgrounds add colour to the website.

The Process

Stage 1 - initial consultation (free). This works well if we meet in person, either at our home office or at your premises if you are Edinburgh based. If you would prefer, it can also be done by telephone or email.

We discuss what you want from the website and choose a colour scheme.

During the meeting we will decide on the structure of the site (the number and names of the pages) and on which optional extras you would like to include.

We will give you a quote for the total cost of the site. To get started with the design stage we require a payment of 50% of the total.

Stage 2 - design. We produce the initial website - this is a fully functional webpage but without any content. It will show you how the final website will look.

Stage 3 - adding content. Finally, the content is added to the website - this consists of placing the text and images on each individual webpage. The final payment is made when the website is completed.

Demo Site

off the shelf website - coloured

Demo Site

off the shelf website - white


Clean & Light Style: £199

Coloured & Open Style: £249


Up to 7 pages

3 professional stock photos

Hosting and domain registration for the rest of the calander year.

Popular Extras

Extra Pages £50 per 5 pages

Rotating Pictures £25

Personalised E-mail £25

CMS - so that you can edit the website yourself. CMS means Content Management System... from £60

Logo Design (when taking a website) £199

Onsite SEO £98